Kristin E. Joos, Ph.D. is...

enthusiastically interested in empowering youth and emerging adults through social entrepreneurship to create positive social change. She is a Lecturer of Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida and in 2005, brought Social Entrepreneurship to UF and created the Innovative Sustainability & Social Impact Initiative in the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Kristin is passionate about teaching students to use the skills and strategies of business to create innovative and sustainable solutions to social, environmental, and economic problems locally and around the world. To that end, she created and directs the Young Entrepreneurs for Leadership & Sustainability Summer Program for High School Students at UF.

In addition to her work at UF, Kristin is a College Admissions Advisor and Career Counselor with Windows of Opportunity, helping students articulate their aspirations and plan their education, career, and life goals. She believes community service can be transformative and loves working with NobleHour.

When not on campus, Kristin delights in living in a historic home built in 1912. She finds happiness in checking items off her never-ending to-do lists, practicing yoga, reading The Sun, supporting local farmers, learning to standup paddle board, and collecting quotable cards.