Kristin E. Joos, Ph.D. is...

enthusiastically interested in empowering young people through social entrepreneurship to create positive social change. She is a Lecturer of Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida and in 2005, brought Social Entrepreneurship to UF and created the Social Impact & Sustainability Initiative in the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center.

Kristin is passionate about teaching students to use the skills, strategies, mindsets, and competencies of entrepreneurship to create innovative & sustainable solutions to social, environmental, and economic problems locally and around the world. To that end, she created and directs the Young Entrepreneurs for Leadership & Sustainability Summer Program for High School Students at UF.

In addition to her work at UF, Kristin works with do good well consulting, helping businesses & organizations connect their values & practices around issues related to sustainability, social impact, and CSR; she also specializes in helping changemakers find & create impact careers.

She believes community service can be transformative and loves working with NobleHour.

When not on campus, Kristin delights in living in a historic home built in 1912. She finds happiness in checking items off her never-ending to-do lists, practicing yoga,  learning to climb trees & to standup paddle board, supporting local farmers, reading The Sun, and collecting quotable cards.